My Summer Favorites

Summer is in full swing here in Arizona. It’s actually a blistering 108° today. As crazy as it sounds, I LOVE the desert heat. And with the heat comes things that I absolutely love… things like flip flops, tank tops, lazy pool days, etc. And I’m excited to share with you guys a few *new* things that I love for summer…

1. Fresh Picked Strawberries Bath & Body Works Pocketbac
Trust me, I have put this little bad boy to the test and it was voted “best scent” by the general public. And by general public, I mean my small little circle of fabulous friends (guys included). This hand sanitizer is so scrumdily-umptious you will want to eat off your own hand. So proceed with caution when using this delightfully scented summer hand sanitizer.

2. Dew Me Moisturizing Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay
So this stuff is the bees-knees. Especially in the midst of this dry heat in AZ my skin dries out SO fast. This fabulous make-up setting spray is the perfect way to keep my skin hydrated and get that soft “dewy” look. Too much and you’ll have a make-up melt down. Just a spritz over the face is the perfect way to set your make-up for the day and get a subtle glow.

3. Old Navy Summer Dresses
OK, so I’m not normally an Old Navy shopper but I gave it another shot recently and was pleasantly surprised. They had so many super cute summer dresses and ridiculously good prices. We’re talkin’ $10-$15 people! With those kind of prices, I could live in dresses the whole summer. Make sure to go check them out ASAP, I’m not sure when the sale will be over.

4. Starbucks Mocha Coconut Frappuccino
I’m a big coffee fan, and normally I don’t get those sissy la la foo-foo drinks at coffee shops, BUT Starbucks has totally snagged me with this one. It literally is a Girl Scout Samoa cookie in drink form. Don’t like coconut? I know people who don’t like it either but they crave this drink. So don’t be shy, go get one of these and thank me later. Ugh, my mouth is salivating just thinking about it.

5. Summer movies! I love love love new summer movies. So far my favorites this summer have been Thor, Super 8, X-Men: First Class and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. All of them were SO good. Oh and side note – do not, I repeat, DO NOT go see Green Lantern. It’s not worth the money OR the fact that you get to stare at Ryan Reynolds for 2 hours.

So that’s my new summer favorites. Have YOU found something awesome that is perfect for summer? Share it below! And if you try one of my summer favorites, let me know! I’d love to hear what ya think.

Happy summer everyone!


About Jena Clark

Christ Follower. Graphic Designer. Coffee Addict. Suns Fanatic.

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  1. LOVE Old Navy dresses!!! I found it last year and when we get out of debt (aka FRIDAY!!!) I’m stocking up my wardrobe with dresses! 🙂

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