Pirate Latitudes

Arrr! Ahoy matey! This past week I finished the epic tale, Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton. Not only was this the first pirate book I’ve read, but it was also the first book by Michael Crichton I’ve read. And how on earth had I not heard of him?! He’s written extremely popular books such as: Jurassic Park, Disclosure and The Lost World. PLUS he was the Creator/Writer/Executive Producer for the TV show ER. Dude… this guy is legit. Pirate Latitudes was actually discovered on one of Crichton’s computers by his assistant after his death from throat cancer in 2008. I am so thankful they found it and published it.

Pirate Latitudes was a super fun read full of everything a pirate-loving book nerd like me would want: adventure, sea monsters, treasure, epic battles, etc. The swash-bucklin’ tale centers around scurvy privateer Captain Charles Hunter. Hunter, along with the Governor of Jamaica plan a raid against a Spanish ship that supposedly contains an untold amount of treasure and is hidden at the island fortress of Matanceros. The whole adventure takes quite a few twists and turns that will leave you flipping through the pages to find out what happens next.

Bottom line? If you need a fun read on a rainy day or something to flip through at the beach, this is the perfect book for you. In the first couple chapters there is a brief and pretty tame sex scene, so proceed with caution. You can always skip the paragraph or two and not miss a beat.

If you’re reading anything fabulous, share it! I would love to hear what you are currently diggin’.

(And just to prove how much I love pirates, check out the pirate flag hanging up in my cubicle. Shout out to Kyle Forbis for letting me steal it! Arrrrrr Matey!)


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  1. blackwatertown

    I’d heard of Crichton – and his final role as a global warming denier – consulted by the Dubya White House I think.
    He wrote some good stories too. Hadn’t heard of this posthumous one.
    A book I love? A Time of Gifts by Patrick Leigh Fermor – adventurous and erudite and revelatory. (Also historical fact.)
    About to read? Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. Looks thick.
    Recently read this good one – not fiction – Smile or Die by Barbara Ehrenreich – How positive thinking fooled America and the World.

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