Flight of Shadows

Last night I finished Flight of Shadows by Sigmund Brouwer. I actually got this book for free from Blogging for Books. This is an awesome website for all you bloggers out there who love to read. All you have to do is create a FREE account, choose a book from their current list (new ones are added all the time), read it, and then post a review about it on your blog and on their website. It’s that simple people. They even mail it to you for free and it’s yours to keep after you have finished reading it. So if you blog and love to read, you should definitly check it out.

I chose Flight of Shadows mainly because it was the only book of their current selections that piqued my interest and I hadn’t read yet. The little tagline about the book snagged me:

Her genetic secret could change humanity forever.
Her DNA grants her the ultimate power.
But all she wants is to disappear.

Pretty catchy right? Well don’t get too excited because as much as I hate to say it, the first 8 or so chapters turned me off. I was confused, uninterested and kinda weirded out. The chapters were extremely short (I do love it when books are like that tho) but each of those first 8 started off with a new storyline and a new character… and not in a good way that leaves you wanting more. I had no idea what was going on. Now in the authors defense, Flight of Shadows is a sequel to Broken Angel. But I had read in multiple places that you didn’t need to read the first one to know what was happening in this 2nd one. Yeah… I think they were wrong.

In-spite of the rough start and lack of interest, I kept on reading. I’m not one to stop in the middle of a book. Once I start one, I have to finish it. Does this happen to you guys too or is it just me? But back to the story… I kept on reading. After a while I started to get an idea of what was happening and my interest did grow.

Flight of Shadows paints a really frightening view of the future after the United States has significantly changed  after the “Water Wars”. What’s left of the nation is very seperate and distinct communities of people where the government has an insane amount of control. Killing and fighting for survival are a part of every day life for some of these communities. In the midst of all that, the main story revolves around a girl named Caitlyn who is being hunted by two different groups of people. We learn right away that Caitlyn was born with wings and can fly. Later on we discover that she was part of a huge science experiment and was genetically altered before she was even born. She was one of the only test-subjects to be born alive and healthy. Because of her wings and other genetic secrets she is wanted dead or alive.

Just over half-way through the book my opinion began to change. By the end I was pretty into it but I was bummed that it took me that long to want to keep reading it. Some Christian Fiction books are over-the-top-cheese and try to slip religion in there like a car-salesmen tries to sell you a “great deal”, but that definitely wasn’t the case with Flight of Shadows. They did a great job using some scripture and Christian theme’s along the way. Over-all, I’m not sure if I would recommend it. It was good but it was weird in the beginning. Ended great but took forever to get into. Maybe if I had read the first book prior to this one my opinion would be different.

If you are currently reading anything, let me know. I would love to hear what you are enjoying or not enjoying. If you’ve read Flight of Shadows and/or Broken Angel I would also love to hear your opinions about these books. Either way, let’s get the conversation started.


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