Happy Valentine’s Day Travis!

Happy Valentines Day to the love of my life, Travis Clark. Today’s blog post is dedicated to the things I love about you…

I love how you make me laugh. You seriously are the funniest person I know.

I love how hard you work. You take care of me and provide for me by working your butt off. I am so incredibly grateful for that.

I love listening to you pray. There is nothing that melts my heart more than listening to you chase after God in prayer.

I love your passion. God has placed a huge calling on your life and I love how you passionately pursue that. You never give Him less than your best and it blows me away.

I love our goofy conversations. There’s no one else I can debate with for hours about why it’s better to be a car tire than a road sign. If people only knew the ridiculousness of our conversations sometimes haha!

I love listening to you preach. I learn SO much from you and you challenge me to be a better person.

I love dreaming with you. I love how we can sit and talk for hours about our future and wondering what God has in store. I could not be more excited about the rest of our life together.

I could never fully describe all the things I love about you. You are my best friend and the most incredible man. I am the luckiest girl in the world. Thanks for being my Valentine.


About Jena Clark

Christ Follower. Graphic Designer. Coffee Addict. Suns Fanatic.

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