Sun Stand Still

A couple months ago as a staff at Mesa First we read Steven Furtick‘s new book, Sun Stand Still. I am completely bummed to say that ALL my notes from the book that I kept on my iPhone got deleted. Now before you can say something rude like “typical iPhone” or “a Droid wouldn’t have done”, let me just tell you it wasn’t my iPhone’s fault. Instead it was it’s user’s fault… that would be me. Yeah I deleted the note sheet and I hadn’t backed up my phone so it is lost in the abiss forever. Then I took my failure a step further and waited like 2 months after I read it to blog about it. #EpicFail

So now all I can tell you is Sun Stand Still is great and you need to pick it up immediately and read it. It will challenge you to live out your faith audaciously and believe in the God-sized purpose and potential that may be laying dormant in your life.

Reading any non-fiction right now? Or maybe you’ve read Sun Stand Still. Tell me what you got out of this particular or what any non-fiction your reading now.


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