Forever Odd

About a month ago I finished the 2nd book in the “Odd” series by Dean Koontz. I had read the first one (Odd Thomas) years ago and I really loved it. I was so excited to finally getting around to reading the sequel, Forever Odd.

This series revolves around a young guy named Odd who has never ventured out of a small town in California. Oh and one thing you should know about Odd, he can see dead people. In Forever Odd, one of his best friends has been kidnapped and Odd is on the hunt for him. The trail leads to some pretty interesting and dark situations for Odd.

The majority of this book takes place at an old deserted casino that experienced a huge fire years and years ago. A deserted casino due to a fire? You can only image what that might mean to a guy who sees dead people.

This 2nd book was much darker than the first. If you can’t handle any kind of thriller or paranormal reads, I would skip this one. There was one pretty intense poltergeist scene, so this is definitely for mature readers. Over all the book was good, not great. The first one, in my opinion, BLEW this one out of the water. I would definitely recommend reading the first one, not so much the 2nd.

The Odd series continues in the next book with Odd becoming a monk. Who knows, maybe in another year or two I’ll read it. What about you? Have you read this book? If not, what are you reading currently? I’d love to hear your opinions and recommendations.


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  1. Amanda

    I love reading your blog because I can always find new books to add to my “Must Read” list! Definitely adding I’m finishing up the last book of the Hunger Games right now and can I say ADDICTING?! It’s practically all I can think about, I think she did such a great job of setting up the story, I’m so anxious to find out how it all will end! A non-fiction book I’m reading is The Reason for God by Timothy Keller, it’s so great so far. It’s a slower read for me because it’s very philisophical but it’s such a great resource for answers to tough questions that skeptics pose.

    • Amanda – I’m SO excited you are reading The Hunger Games series. Ahhh! I loved that series. So are you a Peeta or Gail fan? Man, the last book is TOUGH to get through. Let me know what you think when you are done with it. The first movie is supposedly going to be released in March of next year. They better make it good!
      I’ll have to check out The Reason. I’ve never heard of it but I’ll definitely take a look.

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