Unusual Suspects : Mary

Last night at The Well we kicked off our Christmas series, Unusual Suspects. Travis focused on one person who we always hear about during this time of year, Mary, baby Jesus’ momma (read about her in Luke 1:26-35).

It was an absolutely powerful message about how today’s purity determines tomorrows victories. Travis challenged each of us to identify impurities in our own lives that are keeping us from experiencing victory and freedom. Those little impurities always start out so small… one little lie, one moment of bitterness, one impure thought, etc. Those little tiny itty bitty impurities have a tendency to grow before ya know it.¬†And none of us are without them, we all have a dark side.

After identifying our impurity, Travis then challenged us to confess it. It is so easy to let the feeling of shame keep us trapped in our impurity. Instead of confessing it, we carry it around letting guilt consume us. Instead, we need to confess it out loud to God so we can experience His forgiveness and freedom. Then the only thing left to do is share it. Sharing our impurities can be really scary, but Trav said one quote during the message that I absolutely loved and was so eye opening about sharing these impurities with others:

“Your mistakes are not open cuts, they are healed scars that tell stories of great hope.”

Confessing and being forgiven from our impurities allows ¬†us to experience hope and so many people need to experience that. And what better way to share that hope then by telling them what God has done for us, the forgiveness we’ve experienced and the freedom we have from our impurities.

That was only week 1 of ¬†Unusual Suspects. ¬†And ¬†the best part?¬†3 young adults made life-changing decisions to follow Christ and then dozens of young adults came up for prayer… specifically about confessing their impurities. Wow! God is so so good.¬†I cannot wait to see what God has up his sleeves next week at The Well!

“Purify yourself today so that He can use you for tomorrow.”


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