Spiders & Screaming

Found this prompt courtesy of Plinky. I think this will be fun…

You find a BIG spider in your bedroom. Your next move is to…

Plan A (If Travis IS home)
Step 1: Scream bloody murder.
Step 2: Scream “Travis!!!”.
Step 3: Scream for Travis to hurry up.
Step 4: Scream to make sure Travis is actually coming.
Step 5: Point to the attacker and demand Travis to kill it, and quickly.
Step 6: ย Watch from a safe distance and make sure Travis does in-fact kill it.

Plan B (If Travis is NOT at home)
Step 1: Find a jar, glass or bowl.
Step 2: Ever so slowly, place item around the deadly enemy.
Step 3: Watch item to make sure the spider is trapped and can’t escape.
Step 4: Continue to watch the trap until Travis comes home.
Step 5: Repeat steps 5-6 of Plan A.

Ok YOUR turn. YOU find a big spider in your bedroom. What’s YOUR next move?


About Jena Clark

Christ Follower. Graphic Designer. Coffee Addict. Suns Fanatic.


  1. Kathy Kringstad

    I would find something to cover it up with so it cant get out..and then call my neighbor and have him come and get rid of it!!! Maybe Id call Travis to come…since he already took care of their spider so he knows what to do!!! haha

  2. Chad

    Step 1: Catch said spider
    Step 2: Drive to Mesa 1st
    Step 3: Deposit said spider in Jenna’s cubical
    Step 4: Watch Jenna go through her six step process.

  3. You’re tactics remind me of a certain Gilmore Girl episode! Love it!
    As for me, depending on the size of the creature, I either

    A: step on it more than once, just to make sure
    B: run to the bathroom
    -get my hair spray
    -pretend I’m an amazing super hero/villian (depending on who’s side the spider is on)
    -spray the heck out of it until it freezes!!!

    Enemy DEFEATED.

  4. kendall

    I would go get the handy dandy multi-enemy bug spray.
    Spray it, and then somehow dipose of it, NEVER EVER touching it with anypart of me, not even a shoe..
    oh and how i HATE the stomp crunch! i mean, EW!
    Spray is my way.

    oh, and Id also either wash my sheets, or have a HORRIBLE time sleeping.


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