The History of Love

I am so excited to share my review of the book that was voted to be my next read a couple weeks ago here on my blog! Two days after I purchased The History of Love by Nicole Krauss I had already finished it. It was an amazing, beautiful, and corky story revolving around two main characters, whose separate lives end up intertwining in a surprising way.

Leo is an old Jewish man who ended up in New York after surviving being a Jew in Poland during World War II. Leo is desperately lonely and does something every day to get anyone to notice him. His loneliness is rooted in his constant memory back to the only woman he loved and who he missed the chance of having a happily ever after with. Back in Poland he had actually written this woman a book for her and about her called The History of Love, a book Leo thought no one had read and was long gone.

Alma is a 15 year old girl who is named after a character in her parents favorite book, The History of Love. Alma, and her little brother Bird, are both trying to figure out life and the world they are living in after the death of her father, and both of them are doing this in very different ways. Alma’s mission is not only to be able to survive in the wilderness, but to also find this real Alma who she is named after.  She longs to find out who she is and what this book means about her. Bird was probably my favorite character. I think I would have loved him as a little brother. He fills that gap in his life after his father’s death with Judaism and is convinced he is a lamed vovnik who God has given a special mission to.

Alma and Leo’s stories intertwine near the very end and it’s really really  cool. Throughout the book I was feeling what these characters felt and I wanted more than anything for them to heal and to find purpose and experience joy. In the end, Bird is actually the reason the two separate stories come together.

The History of Love is funny, it’s sad, it’s quarky and it’s surprising. This is what good books are made of. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. There were only a few swear words (5-10), other than that, it was very clean.

Have YOU read any good books lately? I would LOVE to hear about it.


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