What happened to October?

October has come and gone so quickly that I almost feel like I got gipped a month this year. But looking back, I definitely didn’t get gipped because this was the month where everything decided to happen all at once. I can’t believe how jammed packed October was and how fast it all happened. In a nutshell this is what October was like for me:

NBA preseason and the regular season kicked-off! Woo hoo! That means I get to watch my Suns on a weekly basis again.

• We house/dog sat for a family in our church for 8 days. Luckily the dog is super cute, easy to watch and their house was practically right next to our church.

•  Reorganized, refurnished, painted and redecorated our entire office area in one week at the church. I now am the proud owner of a cute lil’ cubicle.
• Had a staff outing: dinner & a comedy show. Yes, we laughed our butts off.

• Prepped like mad for The Great Giveaway.

• Learned how to do my first bulk mail out. I designed, had printed and (with some amazing people helping) prepped 13,000 pieces that were mailed to people within the same zip code as the church.

• Had the one and only Tina (my step-sister) come visit! She’s so darn cute.

• Had an incredible Missions Experience at Mesa First. I am SO thankful I am able to partner with some incredible missionaries through The Image Project. They are absolutely incredible.

• Welcomed a new staff member to our team at Mesa First. Jodi Geaslan is our new Kids Pastor and she is super fabulous. I love her so much already.

• Was asked to be a bridesmaid by my amazing friend Sandy. Started helping plan the wedding and keeping the bride on track. 🙂 So lucky I get to help make her day extra special! Congrats Rey & Sandy!

• Was a part of the most amazing weekend at the church: The Great Giveaway and The Big Give. Man… this was the most incredible weekend I’ve ever experienced at our church. I am SO proud to call Mesa First my church.

• Had 4 incredible Wednesday nights at The Well, including a costume party where Justin Bieber made an appearance. It was epic.

• Perfect ending to the month… family time! Chili, cornbread, card games, trick-or-treaters, all with some of my favorite people.

Wow… I can’t believe that all happened in 1 lil ol’ month. October… you were crazy this year! It wasn’t just crazy though, it was crazy beautiful. I wouldn’t change one moment of it. I love my job, I love my church, I love the craziness.

God – thank you for such an incredible month! And thank you for helping me survive it. 🙂

So what now? I guess… BRING ON NOVEMBER! What about you? How was October for you? Were you able to sit back and enjoy it or were you running around like a mad man?


About Jena Clark

Christ Follower. Graphic Designer. Coffee Addict. Suns Fanatic.


  1. Amanda

    I’ve missed your blog! I was happy to see your update, what are you thinking of The History of Love?

    • Yay! Im glad its back to! I cant take such long breaks. 🙂

      I actually just got a copy of it Friday night. The bookstore by my house didn’t have it so I finally tracked it down and snagged it. I have about 50 pages left and I’m really enjoying it. It’s sooo different, not what I was expecting. Definitely loving it tho! Can’t wait to blog about it.

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