The Hunger Games

My beautiful friend Jennie (and soon the be bride!)  told me about this new book, The Hunger Games, a couple of weeks ago. Her brief description totally intrigued me and I couldn’t wait to read it. This past Sunday she brought me the book and I started it around 10:00pm that night. After the first chapter, I was hooked. I couldn’t put it down until about 2:30am! I ended up finishing it two days later.

The Hunger Games is a fiction trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The story takes place in this futuristic wasteland of America where there is one powerful city/government called The Capitol. The Capitol dictates and controls 12 districts surrounding it. These districts are filled with poor, almost slave-like people who are barely getting by. It’s common for people in the districts to die of starvation on a regular basis. These districts are walled in and people aren’t allowed to leave.

Every year in order to remind these districts that The Capitol has control over them and to keep the districts from revolting, they have The Hunger Games. Each district must put everybody’s name, from ages 12-18, into a lottery and draw two names out, one boy, one girl. These two people get sent to The Hunger Games to represent their district. Sounds cool right? Well not until you hear that The Hunger Games consist of The Capitol dropping these 24 teenagers into a very large arena and having them fight to the death. The last teenager standing alive, wins. The winning teenager’s district gets extra food and supplies for the entire year. So even though it involves killing other people, it means a better chance at survival for an entire district.

The story starts out on the day of “reaping” where they draw names from the lottery of who will be going to The Hunger Games. A 12-year-old girl named Prim gets drawn, but her brave 16-year-old sister Katniss, steps up and takes her place. The whole book is about Katniss’ journey and experience in The Hunger Games. As the story goes on, you find yourself in-between a rock and a hard place. You don’t want Katniss to die, but you don’t want her to have to kill others either, and trust me, neither does she.

This book was very clean, nothing grotesque, no bad language, etc. The story was completely compelling and I couldn’t put it down. Now I can’t wait to read the next one in the trilogy! If you are looking for a good book to read, I would highly recommend this one.

If you’ve read this book I would love to hear your opinion (put *Teaser Alert* if you are giving stuff away from the book). If you haven’t read it, what are you reading right now? Anything good?


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  1. kendall

    the new book in the trilogy just came out its called Mocking Jay.
    you’ll HAVE to read it. but its the 3rd one! The second book is also EPIC, but it ends on a cliff hanger. you’re lucky to start reading them now, you dont have to wait for the 3rd book.

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