I just finished my latest read, the first book of The Pendragon Cycle by Stephen Lawhead called “Taliesin”. If you’ve never heard of this book or The Pendragon Cycle… join the club. It actually was first published in 1987, when I was just a little tiny baby. So how did I stumble upon this book you might ask? Funny story…

A couple months ago my hubby and I took a quick road trip to California with our good friends and lead pastors Jeff and Melissa Kossack. On the drive we got to talking about books and Jeff had mentioned The Pendragon Cylce and how much he LOVED it when he was younger. I think he even said he had read it over 8 times. Really, over 8 times? I was intrigued.

After telling me the summary of the book (which I checked out of listening to after about 30 seconds) he told me I should really read it because “THAT was fine literature” as apposed to Twilight. WOAH! Hold the phone, I KNOW he did not just make fun of Twilight! But alas, he did in fact insult the Twilight Saga. So we made a deal, I read the first book of this Pendragon Cycle-thingy and he would read the first book of the Twilight Saga. When he brought me the book the pages were old, yellowed and practically falling out. Plus the artwork on the cover made me immediately think “lame”. I was not excited but I started reading anyway… a deals a deal.

So I just finished Taliesin today. I hate to say it, but… (ugh) Jeff was right. This was a pretty darn good book. In a very very short summary the book takes on two worlds, two stories that eventually collide. One being the story of the fall of Atlantis and the life of the Atlantis King’s daughter, Princess Charis (yes, you can and should make fun of Jeff for liking a book about a princess). The other side is a story of the Celtic chieftains and their discovery and training of Prince Taliesin as a druid-bard.

Wow… just re-reading that paragraph makes me wonder how I even read it. But trust me, it was a good book. It was full of action, beauty, romance, and loss. I would recommend it (but not before I recommend Twilight haha!) as a good read. I’m not sure if I’ll continue on reading The Pendragon Cylce. The end of Taliesin was not any sort of cliff hanger to leave me needing or wanting more, but we’ll see.

Now it’s on Jeff… it’s HIS turn to read Twilight. If he actually does hold up his end of the deal, I’ll try to convince him to be a guest blogger and review Twilight.

So what about you guys? Anybody reading anything good out there?


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  1. Shane D

    Let me know if you need another Koontz book to read. I finished The Key to Midnight a couple weeks ago and give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

    • Aw thanks! I am going to read a book your soon-to-be-wifey is gonna let me borrow first and then I’ll probably take ya up on that offer. Did you read the second book about Odd Thomas yet?

    • Shane – Aw thanks for the offer! I’m going to read a book your soon-to-be wifey is going to let me borrow first, but then I’ll take ya up on that offer. Did you read the 2nd book about Odd Thomas yet?

  2. Amanda Liston

    I finished two amazing reads last night – both of which I reviewed on my blog, and they were both amazing! One was The Road, a wonderful book by Cormac McCarthy that’s set in a post-apocalyptic world. A great, moving book about a father and son and their enduring relationship.

    Another GREAT read is The History of Love by Nicole Kraus. It sounds like a romance novel, but I promise it’s not! This book blew my mind, I thought it had one one of the most satisfying endings of any book I’ve ever read.

    • Amanda – thanks for the recommendations! I just finished a book last night and now I’m looking for something new to read. I will definitely look those up and check them out!

  3. You should definitely read books 2 and 3 (Merlin and Arthur). They won’t let you down.

    Hey … two Jeff’s can’t be wrong…

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