Guaranteed to Make My Eyes Roll

Just found this awesome site called Plinky. Plinky is a website that every day provides a new prompt (like a question, or a challenge), and everyone gets a chance to answer. I came across “What’s guaranteed to make you roll your eyes?” and thought that would be way too fun to pass up! So here ya go… 7 things that are GUARANTEED to make me roll my eyes…

1. Lakers fans.
2. Lakers players.
3. Somebody who tears down others to make themselves look good.
3. Somebody who says something only as a ploy to get you to start arguing.
4. That annoying host of the Screenvision pre-show at the movies.
5. Twilight haters.
6. People who will tell everybody else about a problem their having with a friend/co-worker/family member and won’t go straight to the person to talk about it.
7. Christian preachers who clearly haven’t read the Bible.

Now it’s YOUR turn! Tell me what’s guaranteed to make you roll your eyes… And if you say the Phoenix Suns, I will not approve your comment. 😉


About Jena Clark

Christ Follower. Graphic Designer. Coffee Addict. Suns Fanatic.


  1. kendall

    -when people say “YOUR MOM”
    -FSU fans
    -when people chew gum like a horse
    -leaving the toilet seat up
    -people who believe ANYTHING they are told abut the bible w/o asking questions.
    -preachers of local churches who act like big shots.
    -people kissing in front of you in the movies.

    just to name a few. lol

  2. Tara

    Only 7???
    1. Raiders fans
    2. Girls who are airheads
    3. When someone chews with his/her mouth open
    4. Animal abuse
    5. When I burn my toast
    6. Litter
    7. People who lack credibility

  3. Krishma

    1. socks and sandals (specifically, when men wear socks and thong sandals)
    2. Super tan guys with spikey hair that walk around with their shirt off
    3. Woo girls- girls that always say “woooooo” really loudly when you’re out.
    4. Name droppers
    5. People who think they are better than others based on their material possessions.
    6. Coffee haters
    7. HATERS. You don’t have to like everything under the sun, but don’t HATE on it (unless it has something to do with hurting babies and animals, then hate all you want).

  4. Falon

    Ok So 7.. Hmmm

    1- People who think their opinions are correct and everyone else is wrong, they are OPINIONS simmer down!
    2- People who cuss in their facebook statuses
    3- One uppers
    4- Man toes
    5- Beatles Music
    6- Jersey Shore the tv show and everything associated with it.
    7- People who criticize my life choices

    … Jena I thought for sure “Scatman” would be included in your list

  5. Amanda Liston

    Oh my gosh, you hit the nail on the head for me on this stuff. Twilight haters love to hate more than anything else. Twilight is a fun, beautiful, and clean love story. If they’d try it, they’d like it.

    And I love that you mentioned the Screenvision dude. Chad and I make fun of Branding Howe (I can’t believe I know his name!) whenever we’re at Harkins. He’s a Ryan Seacrest wanna-be!

    • Amanda – He TOTALLY is a Ryan Seacrest wanna be! We went to a movie yesterday and noticed he wasn’t on the Screenvision pre-show. I think he got replaced by a little robot dude. Now THAT is embarrassing haha!

  6. Amanda Liston

    Sorry, that should be Brandon. My cell phone tried to correct me 🙂

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