Commercial Break #1 – Innertube

Was thinking this past week about the DVR we have at home hooked up to our TV. If you haven’t heard, a DVR allows you to record TV shows and then you can watch them later and skip through all the TV commercials. HELLO!? Where have you been all my life? Because of this amazing technology, I haven’t had to watch TV commercials in FOREVER. It’s glorious. If you don’t have one, it might be worth investing in one. It’s actually a great “time saver” if you can believe it.

Even though I don’t watch hardly any commercials now, there are still a lot of great ones that stick out in my mind. So for the next week I’ll be posting some of my favorite commercials. Some make me laugh out loud, some make me smile, and some actually scare me in a bizarre and humorous way. Should be fun! So make sure to take a minute every day this week for a little commercial break.

First up… a 1995 Pepsi commercial that I remember watching premiere during the Super Bowl. I also remember my brother Corey laughing out loud while watching this. It’s a pretty great memory actually. Even though I am not a Pepsi fan, I still love this commercial. Check it out…

Check back tomorrow for another great commercial break!


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One comment

  1. it’s great it’s time saver.
    you can enjoy tv because it is a less commercial
    and the video is so funny!!!

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