5 Things I Love This Summer

Summer is officially here! Call me weird but I LOVE Arizona summers… bring on the heat baby! There is so much about summer I love: the pool, the bright colored clothing, flip flops, yummy ice cold beverages, etc. So I wanted to share 5 things I’ve found and ABSOLUTELY love for this summer…

Leave the computer running, go get in your car and head to the closest grocery store for this delicious goodness. From June 1st until August 1st, Dreyer’s releases their limited edition S’mores flavored ice cream and it is little crafted by the hands of Jesus himself. This stuff is seriously the best ice cream, EVER. The bad thing is, it sells out really quickly. So when or if you find it, stock up on it because chances are, you won’t find it again. OH! And bonus, it’s 1/2 the fat since it is one of Dreyer’s Slow Churned products. So when you are eating a huge bowl full, remember, it’s “good for you” because it’s 1/2 the fat… at least that’s what I tell myself.

I love candles. I would keep them burning 24/7 if I could. I especially like the brand Slatkin & Co from Bath & Body Works. I actually prefer this brand over Gold Canyon and Yankee. They release yummy new scents every season and you can usually catch them on sale, 2 for $20. This summer’s newest ones are Caribbean Escape,  Caribbean Salsa (the best of the three), and Island Margarita. These yummy scents are perfect for around your home. It’ll definitely get ya in the summer time mood.

Ok so my hubby may still work at American Eagle and can get these flip flops 40% off for me, but that’s not the only reason why they are so fabulous. Not only are they so darn cute, come in 3 different colors (red, brown & white), but they are also incredibly comfortable. They have like this air cushy thing on the heel and toe area that is wonderful. I seriously could wear these all day, every day. I chose the “practical” brown option, but trust me, when you see the red ones you’ll want nothing else.

Gazebo Blend comes out every summer time at Starbucks and it is SO delicious! I love making iced coffee in the summertime and after consulting with my coffee expert, Tom Damante, he recommended I buy the Gazebo blend for my iced deliciousness. I pretty much owe him my life after this recommendation. This blend is oh-so-good and it actually tastes sweet. So you can easily enjoy this straight up without any funky creamers. Tom also told me that it “pairs well” with any kind of fruit based dessert. So in that case, you might as well stop and get a scrumptious fruity dessert to eat alongside of it. I mean… it couldn’t hurt right?

You can’t go to the beach this summer with out an adorable bag to tote all your stuff around in, right? Well look no further! I ran into this canvas beach bag at Barnes & Noble and absolutely loved it! Hot pink with flip flops on one side and a beach ball on the other and some bright green straps… now THAT is a winning beach bag. Haha you know what’s funny tho? I didn’t even buy it haha! But it is definitely on my summer want list. Right now Barnes & Noble is having promotion, buy any two items in the store and get the bag for $10. Not too shabby if you ask me. It also comes in a few other colors (yellow, blue, and green) with different summertime icons on the side.

Alrighty, so those are my 5 things I love for this summer. Would love to hear what fun summertime things you have found and can’t live with out!


About Jena Clark

Christ Follower. Graphic Designer. Coffee Addict. Suns Fanatic.


  1. That ice cream sounds good…and even better that’s its half the fat!

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