Project Belwop Shirts

Take a look at the new Project Belwop shirts that I recently designed. The red one has a picture of a 4 year old girl who was abandoned with out any information at a hospital in Kenya. The Belwop Children’s Home was contacted and took the girl in and named her Hope. Hope is just one of the children that we are building this orphanage for. They currenly are housing between 10-15 children but dream of having a building where they can house up to 100 orphans. We are dedicated to making this dream become a reality.

We will have the red shirts in by this Friday and the navy one will be in next Wednesday. The navy one actually has Africa wrapping around the side of the shirt. Saweeeeet! For each shirt sold, 100% of the profit will go straight to building an orphanage in Nyeri, Kenya. So literally, just by buying a t-shirt, you are helping build a home for 100 orphans. How cool is that?! Once you are able to order online, I’ll make sure to let everyone know.

You can also visit our Transit* website to get some more information about Project Belwop and to make an online donation to the building project.


About Jena Clark

Christ Follower. Graphic Designer. Coffee Addict. Suns Fanatic.


  1. Scot Fahrenbruch

    I needs me one of them blue shirts!! Awesome job!! You are so talented. But seriously, blue shirt!! 😉

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