Transit* Staff Retreat 2010

The hubby and I are absolutely honored to lead the college and 20-something group, Transit*, at our church. College and 20-somethings are the funnest group of people ever (and I guess I’m biased because I still am one haha)! I love hanging out with them every week and experiencing this crazy journey we’re all on together.

So this past weekend we took our amazing group of staff up to Prescott for a little retreat. It was so incredibly refreshing. We worshiped together, prayed together, and earnestly sought after what crazy dreams God has for Transit* in 2010. We planned our next year’s calendar of events and we also planned all the sermon series for the next year. And all I can say is WOW. God has some huge plans up his sleeve for Transit* this year and I can’t believe He has chosen me to be a part of it. My prayer this year for my role in Transit* is that my heart would be broken for those we have yet to reach out to, that every graphic I attempt to design would be God inspired, and that He would continue to mold me into the woman He wants me to be so I can be the best possible example for all the other ladies in Transit*.

Oh, and as you can tell by the picture above, our staff is pretty much the coolest ever. And yes, we DID just take a picture with a fake cow.


About Jena Clark

Christ Follower. Graphic Designer. Coffee Addict. Suns Fanatic.

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