The Last Song

One of my favorite pastimes is reading. It’s so relaxing and like a movie, takes you to another place and let’s you escape. So for Christmas my hubby got me the book “The Last Song” by Nicholas Sparks. The last book I read by him was “Dear John” which I had a love/hate relationship with. But I decided to give good ‘ol Nick another chance.

In a nutshell, I loved it. It wasn’t the BEST book I’ve ever read, but it did draw me in and keep me turning the pages. The story is about a girl named Ronnie, who has just graduated high school and is going down to North Carolina to spend the summer with her dad who she hasn’t spoken to in 3 years. Through out the highs and lows of the summer she learns what it really looks like to love and to forgive.

*SPOILER ALERT* Now if you are planning on reading this book you should probably skip the next paragraph.

What hit home for me was Ronnie’s relationship with her dad. She had been so angry and disconnected to him due to her parents failed marriage. She pretty much wanted nothing to do with him and she was fine never speaking to him again. But being forced to spend one whole summer with him gave her the opportunity for those walls to come down and their relationship to be restored. She learned things about him and she experienced a kind of love that only a father can give to his daughter. In the end, her father tells her that he is dying of stomach cancer and he only has months left to live. Ronnie stays in North Carolina and takes care of him until his final days. In the end, her relationship with her dad was something that taught her how to love herself, her family, others and the story even touched on her relationship with God.

I was in tears during the final 3, yes 3, chapters. My hubby was sitting next to me and probably thought I was nuts. But the story connected to me deep inside. Every girl deserves an incredible dad who loves her with everything that is in him, but the reality is there are many girls out there who will never get to experience that. But there IS hope. A hope in God alone who is our heavenly father and His love for us far surpasses the love any person here on this earth could give. My heart breaks for those who haven’t experience His love yet and I pray that God would use me to not only show them but to also lead them to experience His amazing, unconditional and unfailing love.

Next up on my reading list: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. We’ll see what God has to show me through that! Ha!


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