Project Belwop


Transit*, the college ministry my husband and I run, announced last week that we will be launching something called Project Belwop and we could not be more excited! We felt like God was calling us to take the revolution globally, specifically to Kenya.

My dear friend, Kate, recently went on a missions trip to Africa. They spent some time at an orphanage called the Belwop Children’s Rescue Center. There they met Veronica, a woman who followed Gods call to open up the Rescue Center. Veronica is renting a run down facility that is able to house 24 children, but she is barely making it month-month. The Rescue Center is not government and donor supported, she is running the facility strictly off God’s call and providence.

Veronica was recently given a large plot of land to call her own, free and clear. She looks at this plot of land…


and dreams of her own building where she can house and take care of 100 children. This is her dream. Her passion. Her calling. We want to make this dream come to life.

Transit* has partnered with a Coast Hills Community Church, in California, to build that orphanage for her. We, at Transit*, have decided to take 50% of all our tithes, donations, offerings, any and all money that comes in, and put it towards building this orphanage. We want to see Veronica’s dream come to life. We want to see children being taken care of and loved. We want to see God glorified through the Belwop Children’s Rescue Center.

So excited to be a part of this. After raising the money, we plan on sending teams to Kenya to actually help build this building. Can’t wait to see what God does through Project Belwop!


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