Favorite Memories


So last night I was at home and I began to reflect on some of my favorite memories from my childhood. One stood out in my mind and definitely made me smile.

My Grandma, bean with bacon soup and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

I was always with my grandma growing up. She was like a second mother to me. She was there when I started school, when my parents got a divorce, she was even there the day I got my drivers license. She means more to me then she’ll ever know.

Of all the times we’ve had together, one of my favorites was when we lived in Indiana. She lived in an apartment not too far from us and I would always go spend the night at her house. We had a small collection of movies we would watch over and over again. It was really an odd collection of movies, they consisted of: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Twister, and The Parent Trap (the original with Hayley Mills). Not only would we watch movies, but we would eat delicious food. Bean with bacon soup and turkey sandwich on dark rye bread was a staple meal we loved to share together. To this day, wherever I am and I see or eat either of these items, it immediately brings me back to my grandma.

Funny how something so silly as a type of bread or a can of soup can bring to your mind people, places, and fond memories. I hope I never forget this silly little things.

What things trigger some happy memories for you?


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  1. Grandma

    Jena, I just read your blog and you have made me feel so special. Those days mean a lot to me when I think about them. You were born shortly after the death of my husband and you helped fill a very lonely stretch in my life. I was proud to be part of so many important events in your life. I don’t think I have bought any of that good dark bread since we ate it together. Hey, let’s do lunch. It will consist of Bean with Bacon soup and the turkey sandwiches. Love you always.

  2. Grandma you are so special to me! I hope you know that. And lunch sounds fabulous! Love you!

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